Taylor County

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Taylor County

Welcome to Taylor County

If you are looking for a hometown atmosphere where the pace is slower, hunting and fishing are plentiful, and nature is in abundance, then our community is what you are seeking….come "Share Our Good Nature"… New communities continue to develop changing the face of Taylor County's residential areas. The community has become a destination for residents from all over as an ideal place to live. Read on and learn what has kept Perry and Taylor County thriving. Find out why people who live here say….why go on vacation when I have paradise right in my own backyard. The image of Taylor County is changing. Businesses are expanding, and downtown revitalization projects are on going. A prosperous future is in the outlook. Shopping is convenient and new communities continue to develop. The promise of a growing future is here…Taylor County is a place you will want to come to visit and then stay.

Taylor County Location

Located in northwest florida, between Jefferson and Dixie County Taylor County

State Parks
• Taylor Hagens Cove Park

Other Parks
Aucilla River State Canoe Trail
• Forest Capital Park
• Hodges Park
• Steinhatchee Park

• Edwards Fisherman's Rest
• Ideal Fish Camp & Motel
• Johnson Fish Camp
• Keaton Beach Campsites
• Southern Oaks RV Campground
• Town & Country Camper Lodge
• Westgate Motel & Campgrounds

• Keaton Beach
• Steinhatchee Falls

• Forest Capital State Museum
• Cracker Homestead

Driving Tour
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